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Wholesale of exclusive cast stone garden statues

Imhof & Stevens: Your wholesaler of cast stone garden statues

Your personal garden sculpture wholesaler Imhof & Stevens imports exclusive cast stone statues from Central and East Java, Indonesia.

Cast stone garden statues, how are they made?

Our imported cast stone garden statues take their first shape during a fine and special handmade process in Indonesia. Cast stone consists of a mix of two parts fine sand and one part cement, mixed in a mill. Everything is done by hand. From the handmade moulds to the post-processing with hammer and chisel. But also the colouring process and the packaging in wooden crates or cardboard boxes is carried out with care and by hand. And what about the important basis: the sculptor who makes the master mould for this production!

Finally, the employees treat our exclusive stone sculptures several times with a special strong concrete paint for outdoor use. This layer protects the statues against all Dutch weather influences for years. The finishing touch is a layer of yellow clay, which gives the sculptures extra depth. This layer disappears over the years under the influence of the weather elements, but that does not affect the quality of the cast stone garden statues.

During this process, a round hole is kept free in the bottom of the statue. This cavity facilitates the transport of the large statues and ensures that any heat can be easily dissipated during the summer period. Where necessary, the images also get a small hole at the top (at the back).

Finally, the employees involved pack all the images professionally and with care in cardboard boxes or wooden crates.

verpakking moai beelden van importeur Imhof en Stevens
verpakking moai beelden van importeur Imhof en Stevens 01
laden container imhof en stevens met oosterse tuinbeelden
vol geladen container imhof en stevens met oosterse tuinbeelden

Congratulations on the purchase of your exclusive cast stone garden statues! What's next?

A wooden crate

Open the crate at the back, for example with a saw. Note: a single nail may still be sticking out. Then transport the statue to the right place with a hand truck or pump truck.

A cardboard box

Be aware of any protruding parts of the image (head, arms, or feet) when opening the box. Never lift your statue by these parts; Not even if you want to put the image in a different place later. This can cause this part to break off, due to the weight of the image. Therefore, always lift the statue by the bottom. Portrait tall images should not be transported horizontally. And: don't throw the boxes.

Placing the image

If you place the statue outside, place the included pieces of rubber under the statue, so that your garden statue is not directly on the ground. This has several advantages:

  1. You prevent your sculpture from coming into contact with (rain) water, or freezing during a period of frost.
  2. Due to the high quality cast stone, this product is frost-resistant and resistant to European winters. The color will change slightly over the years due to sun and rain. However, good drainage will keep the colour of your garden image in good condition for longer!
  3. During warm periods, heat can build up in the larger images. This hot air can escape through the cavity at the bottom or at the top of the image. It is therefore important not to cover this round hole! This way, your image can get rid of the heat and this heat can mix with cooler air. Too much stored heat can cause your image to crack.

Finally: You can easily touch up any minor damage yourself with concrete paint for outdoor use (matte).

Collection of cast stone sculptures wholesale

We are proud of our beautiful collection of cast stone statues. This is regularly supplemented with new models. You can order your garden statues directly from our B2B webshop. Of course, you can also pre-order our garden statues. We will then reserve the desired quantities for you as soon as the relevant container from Indonesia arrives at us.

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