Imhof & Stevens: Your Importer - Wholesaler of Seasonal decoration items.


Imhof & Stevens: your international wholesaler

Wholesaler Imhof & Stevens is a Dutch wholesaler, but at the same time strongly focused on international trade.

What is a wholesaler?

What is a wholesaler? Or to put it another way: what is a wholesaler? The term 'wholesaler' or 'wholesaler' is familiar to many people. The wholesale trade is the indispensable link between the manufacturer and the retail trade. It is not without reason that the wholesale industry is an important factor, right at the heart of our economy.

If we look at the exact definition of the words Wholesale and Wholesaler, Van Dale gives the following meaning:

Meaning 'wholesale'

wholesale (de; m; plural: wholesalers)

1 company trading wholesale, supplying retail

Meaning 'wholesaler'

gros·sier (de; m/f/x; plural: wholesalers)

1 trader between manufacturer or importer and retailer

Both meanings clearly show that a wholesaler is the indispensable link. Everything revolves around a good relationship with the factories (buying large volumes of merchandise) and reselling to the reseller. Building and maintaining a good international network is therefore essential for wholesale!

At wholesale

The Netherlands has a strong commercial spirit. It is not for nothing that we are known for our various wholesalers. Imhof & Stevens is a good example of an Import - Export Wholesaler. That means trade and strong relationships at home and abroad.

Imhof & Stevens' trade goods are largely purchased in countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Poland and Ukraine. The imported products are then sold on the domestic market, but a large part also finds its way to foreign retailers via export. This can be retailers with a physical store, such as a florist, garden center or hardware store, but also the online webshops and marketplaces fall under the retail trade.

Wholesale Purchasing

At Importer – Wholesale Imhof & Stevens you can buy different collections. The overview below is just a selection of the possibilities:

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